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The ultimate guide for sellers.  Our goal is to give you as much information up front.

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Selling any kind of real property, whether it be homes, land or any other kind of building can be a big decision.  As a full service real estate firm, we are there with you every step of the way.  We work with all kinds of sellers for homes and land and our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible.  Mountain homes and land are a lot of times unique and not typical of other real estate markets.  

Where do I start?

A lot of times when we work with sellers, we like to have property consultation.  We like to either come to your home, property or land to preview it.  We get a feel for its assets and attributes.  If we have the opportunity we like to go through a marketing plan for your property and review what is going on in the overall market.  After viewing, we like to offer a price opinion.  For sellers who are out of town, we can correspond remotely.  We are always available by phone call, text or email.  

How do you value my property?

Mountain property has many different things that go in to pricing a piece of property.  How do you put a price on an iconic view?  What does a water feature like a creek or stream add to a property?  A lot of times we like to have an initial meeting at your home or land and then go back to do market research and help develop a good price-point.  

We are in a world of an abundance of online information.  What sets us apart is that we take more of a personal approach.  We have seen many times in our market ‘Zestimates’ are far off base.  We always strive to provide for you an honest approach to property valuations.  

How long will it take to sell?

In the High Country, it can vary very differently depending on location, price, size and more.  We live in a unique area and we have unique homes and land.  Sometimes it takes a longer period of time to sell property in our area.  Some areas we can be very optimistic in providing an accurate estimate and in others it can take longer.  In every case, it just takes that right person to come along.  We like to say in our marketing of your property we cast a wide net to find that person.  

What does full service mean?

We are a full service real estate firm.  This means we are with you every step of the way.  We take full responsibility and ownership over the entire sale process.  This means professionally marketing the home on many different channels.  A lot of marketing now is done online across many websites and channels, so we take high quality photography with every listing.   

When you get an offer, we are there to help consult and help negotiate on your behalf.  In some cases we really have to go to bat for the value of a property.  

We are available 7 days a week to field inquiries and help arrange showings.  We are responsive in that if someone calls or messages us we work to reply in a timely manner.  

When it comes down to getting the property sold, we go the extra mile during the closing process when needed.  Sometimes issues can come up in mountain property that has not changed hands in a very long time.  Unique circumstances can arise and we lean on our experiences to help both buyers and sellers achieve their goals.   

What fees are involved with selling?

Sellers can expect to pay agency commission, attorney fees for deed preparation, North Carolina excise taxes, pro rated HOA fees (if applicable) and any other county or city pro rated property taxes.  In some cases, owners may have other expenses they are obligated to pay.  We can help you put together a net proceeds estimate from the sale to estimate your cost.

How do agency commissions work?

There is no set fee in real estate.  Because we are a full service firm, we charge a rate in line with the professional services we offer.  Our rate can vary based on the size and scope of a property.  

A lot of times we split our agency commission in half with a buyers broker.  All firm expenses for marketing and other professional services are paid out of our commission as well.

More Questions?

Don’t hesitate to call or email us.  We are available for you! 


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